Baby’s First Onesie

Some people may think that I only make big theatrical costumes for grownups, but a little known fact is that I love making pieces for kids; recently some good friends have had babies, and of course my first task was to create something soft, sweet and stylish for the little ones.

For one I used a very soft lemon yellow fleece fabric, with black trim and bumblebee appliques to work with the mum’s love of bees. The other, I played on mum’s favourite book series and found some Harry Potter themed brushed cotton. Both onesies are fastened with plastic poppers at the front so that baby’s sensitive skin isn’t exposed to any metals, and these pieces are hand wash only.

If you would like your own, please do get in touch as these are something I love creating; something incredibly personal that may be kept and remembered for years to come when baby is all grown up!

Check out instagram and facebook to see a few more photos or to DM about  getting one created for yourself or a friend

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