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The home of custom, handmade Cosplay/Theatrical, Historical and Fantasy clothing for all your fabulous needs. Whether parading like a princess at Comic Con, or strutting your stuff in the boudoir, we specialise in creating the perfect bespoke item to make you feel confident.

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My work

Harley Quinn

my own take on the classic Harley Quinn design

Hildibrand Manderville

...labour of love, and a challenging exploration of precise tailoring...

Winter Belle

I was so happy to be able to work on another Belle inspired gown, this time the pink dress...

Saint Nicholas

I wanted to go for an historically inspired design, with rich textures and embellishments


...a darker gold colour palette which was achieved with a golden silk base and embroidered lace fabric overlay

Red Saber Fate/Extra

Red Saber is a character from the Anime Fate/Extra, and was one of my biggest challenges to date

Howl Pendragon

...layers of satin and tulle to patchwork each individual segment of the coat which took hours...

The Mushroom Gown

Created for the sheer joy of it, this piece was based entirely around a beautiful, soft fabric with embroidered mushrooms

Princess Eilonwy

Based on the character from the classic Disney film, The Black Cauldron, this cosplay features a velvet corseted bodice...

Belle Village Dress

Rae commissioned a custom cosplay inspired by Belle's blue village dress from Beauty and the Beast.


I went to multiple fabric markets to choose the perfect colour and pattern, and spent time...

Aleera – Bride of Dracula

As one of the three brides of Dracula, Aleera plays an important role in the story...


Having finally found a fabric I was happy with, I drafted a bodice and skirt pattern and...


Made from a dark blue canvas fabric with silver leatherette details, I was also able to...

Thomas Cromwell

I was able to do extensive research into the historical techniques of ‘slashing’, cutting and...

Snow White Rags Dress

I chose to use layers of lace and chiffon for the skirt, and a heavy upholstery fabric for...

Fairytale Princess

I was able to explore many new techniques within this costume, including spray dying...

Captain Hook

I decided to create my own twist on the iconic red-coated villain, using a heavy...

Ariel Ballgown

Soft bluey green silk with a subtle silver pattern bring an air of elegance to this classic gown...

Elizabeth Swann Dress

This private commission piece is based on the ‘Plum Dress’ worn by Elizabeth Swann...

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