Norse Goddess Freyja

Norse Godess Freyja Cosplay Threatrical 03 Velveteena Leigh
The Norse Goddess of War, Love, Gold and Lust, Freyja is often depicted as fair haired and dressed in a delicate white gown. The Goddess herself according to legend, however, is quite different. Riding in a chariot pulled by two giant forest cats, she is more of a great warrior than a fair maiden. This is the side of Freyja that I wanted to show with my interpretation; I chose to focus on the gold, having the colour running through most of the fabrics chosen, the war, having her hold a great spear emblazoned with Nordic runes, and the Lust, with thigh high splits in the skirt and a low cut bodice. I also wanted to maintain a silhouette in keeping with the cold Norse winters by adding a thick embellished cloak.
Photos by: Chris Ward

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