Tale as Old as Time…

Have you ever dreamt of wandering through the woods, watching the dappled sunligh play across the leaves, and you hear a soft rustling; and there, ahead of you, is a real life fairytale Princess?

This is what happened to a few unsuspecting visitors to One Tree Hill Woods on Sunday, many of whom where fascinated to see Princess Belle having a woodland photoshoot.

Rae Walters, who’s Grandad commissioned this Belle Cosplay as a gift, is a close friend and I was so happy to be able to arrange this shoot with her, with Daniela Nagy as the wonderful photographer. Rae’s Grandparents were on hand to assist as local guides to the best spots, including a beautiful old Georgian well which we used as a setting for our first photos.

Now that we are getting further out of lockdown, I hope that I can have many more photoshoots like this, as it really is one of my favourite parts of Cosplay.

Check out the Velveteena Leigh Instagram for a behind the scenes video, and first look at any new custom Cosplay costumes that I’m working on <3

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